9 quick SEO hacks for the SEO newbie


After setting your blog and implement all the basic SEO tips you should check for easy but valuable SEO techniques. Please, if you are a new blogger read first the basic tips about page speed, duplicate content, easy to crawl etc, here and then continue reading these article.

9 quick SEO hacks for the SEO newbie

Here I present 9 quick easy but worthy methods that can set by yourself without the need of paying any money to SEO advisers. These methods are easy for newbies and are on the to-do list for every blogger newbie or expert. These SEO hacks won’t cost you money to implement. You can even implement these in an old blog and make it rise again. Let’s begin our journey implement some easy strategies to help grow your organic audience.

Searching for SEO strategy can be confusing, here are nine simple tips that even newbies can follow!

1. Distribute your home page’s link authority to your most important pages

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