Monsters, at day, monsters at night, monsters everywhere!!!


Day two at the camping, continuing the vocation of our Lives”’.

The DIY project, about toddlers art creation, went well yesterday, but today their disappointment cause they couldn’t go to the beach because of the dermatological disease is higher. So I used one of the two words that always interrogate children at age of 7. Monsters !! We are going to make simple monsters at mornings and more complicated ones at night. YEEEE !! Their mind occupied for little and such they don’t have any memory at all, (not all the children mine only, they are abstracted all the time at another world) the smile painted their face, joy overwhelmed them and happiness swamped everywhere.

Μonsters 1

– We shall make snake monsters, with one eye, big snake tongue using only one craft stick in the morning.

At the evening we will make more complicated with a lot of craft stick.Which is the most terrifying image for you? I asked.

– The monsters who has one eye are eviler, scremed Panos. And those that have big ears and mouth on fire and horns and ugly teeth.

-No mummy said “Aiolos” the most horrifying are those that look nice, with nice lips and pink cheeks, nice sweet voice beautiful smile.

-Why I asked curiously

-Cause nothing prepares you for the transformation that will happen afterwards.

So now you all understand the Jekyll and Heid monsters that we decided to do!!



  1. These are such cute and creative monsters! Monsters like these are not scary at all, they would be so much fun to make! Thank you for sharing this easy project.


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