The holidays of our lives


So when I dreamed of going to a different beach bar every day and making promises for the holiday of our lives, it was then the proverb came out that “when the man made plans God laughs’’.

On the second day of our holiday my son stuck golden staphylococcus, that you can literally stick to from anywhere, he’s the kind of kid who hugs everything from dusty cars to any unknown pet or animal in general, so what caused it is a mysterious. It is a dermatologically extreme, easily transmitted disease. You can see the marks that Staphylococcus live at the first photo that he tries to reach the paper. The doctor prescribes us antibiotics, recommend very cleanliness and great care not to contain the disease to the rest. But when the holidays are in a camping, fortunately in a caravan villa, comes the big challenge. How do you keep a child of 6 years away from the sea that is in front of him about 100 meters, from the pool and from the playgrounds of the camping that is filled with children who yell freely, and are beaten by the breeze the sea and the sun?


I Know what everyone might be thinking “pack and live’’.  Βut sometimes to live is something much more difficult than it seemed.

So, fortunately, I always travel with “a bag of everything ” so I could keep occupying the twins.

Our DIY, crafts for the id, art creation for 4 days began. Nothing difficult, cause everybody is quite stressed and disappointed, a lot of good energy ……1,2,3 breath. After all, we were 100 meters away from the sea.

Day one. Quick and easy creativity.


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